In-Person Workshops

How our In-Person Workshop Works

These small group workshops are hosted in a “home-like” setting where each couple is made to feel relaxed and right at home. In this comfortable setting you are able to be up close and personal meaningful interaction with the facilitator and other participants in person and through Zoom.

You will be able to enjoy learning the skills and tools while you are able to share ideas, be a part of the discussion, play the games, win the prizes, and be a part of the breakout sessions.

In-person Capacity and Pricing

All workshops will have a maximum total of 12 and a minimum of 10 couples in attendance. No more than 8 couples will be virtual to allow everyone to see everyone in a single screenshot. The local workshops are held in Raleigh, NC in a “home-like” setting where safety and comfort are our main concern. Couples will be seated at least 6 feet apart and masks will be required. The facilitator will present from more than 6 feet away from participants and will be unmasked.

All Participants receive:

  • A pair of TTU “Comfy Slipper Socks”
  • Workshop folder filled with information handouts and activities
  • An opportunity to connect with others through experiential learning activities
  • Individually wrapped snacks and refreshments
  • Discount registration for future workshops
  • An opportunity to win a great door prize!


Single Session Workshops – $347.00

The Power of You – Enhancing Self-esteem
Stronger You = Stronger Us – Emotional Intelligence
Let’s Talk About the “F” Word – Conflict Resolution


Two Session Workshops – $427.00

Blended Better – Blended Families
Start Right – Stay Connected/Pre-marital
Lifetime Love Affair – Sex and Intimacy


Tri Team Unlimited is truly a solid resource for any relationship support needed with studied, relevant, and experienced foundational information.
They are excellent in helping you.

WH Media

Thanks, Vernita for facilitating my 28th wedding anniversary brunch. I wanted this celebration to include friends and family to celebrate one another’s relationships, to reflect on where we are, and to gather some nuggets and tools to enrich, and enhance. You allowed us to do all of that. A great time was had by all, and you received rave reviews from each couple. I look forward to having you over again!


I can’t say enough about our weekend experience. After years of marriage we felt a revitalization . We left with a better awareness and a renewed commitment to each other. We made friends ; we uplifted ;and were uplifted. Vernita shared with us tools and exercises that provided us a window into ourselves and our souls .We were able to identify and release pass hurts.


It was a great event & experience to have the opportunity to interact with with couples who truly wanted to improve their relationship. The icing on the cake were we had a Black Professional Consultant providing guidance to Black Couples.Loved It!!


Ken and Vernita were awesome hosts at our TriTeam Couples Retreat. The Retreat was inspiring and uplifting to our marriage. For us it was incredibly impactful to be able to listen to other couples and their experiences regardless of the number of years they have been married.

Eric and Darlene

I have such admiration for a phenomenal woman-leader and now friend, who guided me, my husband, and several other couples on a journey we would never forget. The only way I know this to be true is in how ALL OF US spoke highly of our time spent together during, the couples retreat.

Fondly, “The Wife” (inside joke) and her Darling

Workshop FAQ’s

Do you have to be married to attend the workshops?
No. All of our workshops are for intimate couples in various relationships and stages. We welcome all romantic type couples and parent/child, siblings, and friends.
Do I have to attend with my partner/mate/spouse?
Yes. All of our workshops are for Couples Only. The activities and information are for couples to experience at the same time. This way both partners receive the same information and are able to ask questions when they arise.
Why do you offer workshops for self-esteem and emotional intelligence as a couples only workshop?
There are two main reason that we chose to offer these as a couples only workshop. The first is that anyone who has challenges in these areas are more successful when they have a support system in place. It’s best that the support is in attendance to hear and understand how they can best be supportive and learn the clues as to when their support is needed. The second is that when one person in an intimate couple has challenges, it affects the relationship. When these challenges are addresses as a couple, it will increase the level of intimacy and bring the couple closer together and they deepen their level of communication and understanding. There are other benefits of addressing these challenges as a couple, but these are our top two.
I am in a same sex relationship; can we attend the workshops?

Yes. Tri Team Unlimited does not discriminate against anyone for any reason. We focus on bridging the gaps in relationships and increasing intimacy.

We have a good relationship, are these workshops only for couples in trouble?
No. These workshops are for any couple that wants to make a positive change to their relationship. We believe that a “tune-up” is essential to having the healthiest relationship and learning tools that can be useful in the future is a great investment.
We’ve tried counseling and it didn’t work. How is this different?
The workshops that we offer are NOT counseling. We teach tools to address various challenges and help couples to determine which tool to use for which challenge. This is done in a small supportive group environment that is both fun and relaxing.
What do I wear to the workshop?

Wear something comfortable and casual. If you are cold natured, please bring a light sweater or jacket as the room may feel cool to you.

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

You don’t need to bring anything. All materials will be supplied and covered in your registration fee.

Is the registration fee per person or per couple?

The cost for a single session workshop is $347. and for a 2-session workshop the fee is $427.

What does my workshop fee cover?

The workshops fee covers materials, snacks and refreshments, and workshop extras.

What sets you apart from other marriage workshops?

Most workshops have more than 12 couples in attendance, are held in office or hotel locations, and don’t include snacks and other workshop materials. You may also experience difficulties in locating workshops for blended families, self-esteem, and emotional intelligence that are for couples. Tri Team Unlimited’s workshops are small group couples’ workshops that address a number of hard to find topics in a comfortable and welcoming “home-like” setting that is fun and engaging. You laugh and learn at the same time with facilitators who are very astute and passionate about their topic. In additional to all of the useful tools that you receive, there are a number of workshop “perks” that are specific to Tri Team Unlimited participants. We care about each and every couple that we serve and take care that we grow your partner relationship and your relationship with Tri Team Unlimited. We believe that when you change your relationship, you change your life.

Can I bring my baby/kids with me?

Tri Team Unlimited does not provide childcare and does not allow children in the workshop.

Can my service dog accompany me?

Yes. Please be prepared to provide the necessary documentation t ensure that states that your dog is a certified service animal. Also make note in your registration form.

Can I miss part of the workshop or the first day of a two-session workshop?

TTU Workshops are intense programs that are designed to accelerate growth through a series of experiential learning activities that build upon each other. If you cannot attend the entire session or series, then please wait until you can.

What are the ages of the participants?

Participants must be at least 18 years old and no older than 100. The workshops are designed to be useful for all ages.