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My Thoughts My Thoughts: A Couples Journal Paperback

Are you ready to take your couple conversation to another level?
Are you ready to look back, reflect, and laugh?
Are you ready to create your story for your legacy?

Now available on Amazon, My Thoughts My Thoughts will prompt you with questions that allow you to reflect on today and yesterday. Share your ever-evolving thoughts side by side.

We provide In-person & Virtual small group workshops + other resources to enhance intimate couple relationships including married, romantic, parent/child, sibling, and "it's complicated".

One Couples Story

Tri Team Unlimited brought a fresh perspective and new life to this marriage at our recent workshop. Listen to how things have changed for the BETTER!

Sometimes both partners are not ready to make the commitment to counseling or therapy.
Sometimes partners may need a little tune-up after therapy has ended.
Sometimes partner may need to tweak a few areas of their relationship.
Sometimes partners may need assistance in getting on the same page with each other.
We’re here to get you through the “Sometimes”.

These workshops will give you just what you need to elevate your relationship with the tools that are necessary to have a peaceful and loving connection.

Still dating –Just married … we got you!
Blended Family … we got you!
Low self -esteem … we got you!
Too many of the same arguments … we got you!
Personalities just don’t match; we’re unclear … we got you!
Intimacy is not what it used to be … we got you!

Workshop Snapshot

Start Right | Stay Connected

Dating, Engaged, Newlywed Basic+ Workshop

Blended Better

Blended Families Making Two into One Workshop

The Power of You

Improve Self-esteem w/support Workshop

Let’s Talk About the “F” Word

Resolving Conflict Positively Workshop

True Color Love

Understand & Accepting Each Other’s Personality Workshop

Lifetime Love Affair

Get the Spark Back and Make Fire Workshop

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Creating A Safe Space e-book will guide you and your partner through the steps that will lead you to be more transparent and comfortable in an intimate and safe space for better communication.

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Love Needs a Plan

Love Needs a Plan

Falling in love is the easy part. It involves butterflies in your stomach and long walks talks on the phone. You might hear wedding bells, have dreams of the future, and fall into something that feels perfect. Staying in love, to be honest, is not so easy. Once the...

My Problem with Couples Therapists

My Problem with Couples Therapists

Let me start by stating my disclaimer. I have not encountered directly or indirectly, every couple’s therapist in the world. My problem with couple’s therapists is drawn from the three different therapists that my husband and I have encountered and the many...

The “Tri” in the “Team”

The “Tri” in the “Team”

I have spent the past twenty plus years facilitating workshops on a number of topics to a wide variety of audiences that include teens, adults, couples, fathers, private industry employees, non-profit staff, and others. Creating Tri Team Unlimited was a natural next...

Let’s Talk About the “F” Word

Let’s Talk About the “F” Word

Marital counseling discusses several points about a couple’s relationship, but never truly understanding the “F” word.How can one letter have so many meanings when you simply state “let’s talk about the F word”?When I Googled that one statement I came up with: fat,...

Introducing Vernita G

Introducing Vernita G

Hey!  I’m Vernita G. a wife, mother, MeeMee, entrepreneur, trainer, lover of family and an unshakable optimist dedicated to enriching relationships and shining a positive light on marriages. A native New Yorker with nothing more than passion, city smarts and values,...

Five Ways How To Not Retire & “Re-Fire”

Five Ways How To Not Retire & “Re-Fire”

I thought I had it all figured out when I turned in my keys and walked out of the building that housed the job that I loved for twenty years. I actually worked there for 20 years and six months, but the last six months were not my favorite. For months after that,...

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