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Countless relationships have found their way because of Tri Team Unlimited Workshops.


The True Color Workshop was fun, interactive, informative, educational, and so much more. Vernita & Ken were great facilitators. They were very knowledgeable, fun, and informative, We plan to attend other classes and see them as a great way to improve our marriage and communications.


James and Shirley Moore

My partner and I attended the True Colors Communication Workshop recently. Vernita made us feel right at home despite our uneasiness in the beginning. She’s a natural people person. The event was informative and entertaining. My partner and I learned a new personality tool to better understand where each of us was coming from. I enjoyed hearing feedback from the other couples in the room. We all learned a lot about one another and laughed the whole time. I spent weeks convincing my partner to go and reassure him it wasn’t “couples counseling”. The only way he would agree to go is if he could leave at lunch, bit when lunch came he wanted to stay the rest of the day because he was enjoying himself. I highly recommend any of Vernita’s workshops. I will definitely attend more in the future.


Michelle M.

You facilitated and ran the workshop extremely well! I really appreciate how you accommodated dietary needs and made sure we all had something to enjoy. I loved learning about the colors and what my colors are. I found the interplay between the colors and 5 love languages to be really fascinating to recognize, especially! The exercises and especially the discussions afterward were great learning experiences to sprout my understanding of the differences. The SMART tool seems like a great conversation framework — now we need something to help break bad communication habits!


Angela Liu

Dwayne Patterson’s presentation on Conflict Resolution was phenomenal. My husband and I have very distinctly different paradigms and resolving conflicts can be chaotic. Mr. Patterson’s tools and guidelines are now a part of our arsenal for creating a smooth and peaceful line of communication. Just getting a snippet through a “dress rehearsal” let me know I needed to return to a regular seminar. He was a grand teacher who knew so much about the subject matter and was a passionate presenter.


Charleta Fletcher

I have had the pleasure of attending Tri Team Unlimited Workshops & Events numerous times. The owner Vernita Griffith and her staff/volunteers are always so pleasant and such a pleasure to be around. The workshops are informative, motivational and worth it. If you are looking for enhancements in your relationships whether they are personal or impersonal Tri Team Unlimited is the best. Their expertise on the different topics is like no other. I will always say yes when these workshops come up!

Kiara Ruth

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