The Power of You

The Power of You
Self-Esteem Workshop 

Saturday, Feb 20, 2021: 9:00 – 12:30PM EST

  • Do you feel unworthy and not supported by your partner?
  • Do you have unhealthy thoughts and patterns?
  • Do you have challenges in expressing your wants and desires?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then this is the workshop for you and your intimate partner.

Workshop Description

Self-esteem is an individual personal value, however, this workshop for couples is a team effort. The outcome is an increased the level of self-esteem and a deeper connection in awareness and intimacy. This workshop will teach each participant to recognize their worth, embolden them make request so that they get what they want, and empower them develop techniques for eliminating unhealthy thoughts. Couples will acquire practical ways to identify partner cues, provide support, and help to encourage. Individually and as a couple, participants will learn to set goals that reflect their dreams and desires and reinforce healthy patterns.

Agenda Snapshot

  • Welcome
  • Learning Goals
  • What Exactly is Self-esteem?
  • Why is this Important to our Relationship?
  • How Do We Improve & Build Our Self-esteem?
  • The Power of Thought
  • Asking for What You Want
  • Creating What You Want
  • Couples Supporting Each Other
  • Closing Activities

Dwayne Patterson’s Bio

Dwayne says: My passion for people has been exemplified by a 30-year career of service with the City of Raleigh. My passion for healthy relationships has been personified by over 30 years of marriage to the same woman.

I’ve facilitated trainings for residents, leaders, youth, couples and municipal staff on local and national levels. Through decades of listening, advising, programming and leading, each interaction honed my skills and enlarged my sphere of influence. I’ve been able to experience and enjoy 25 years of church leadership, 15 years of teen programming, 15 years of community engagement/public participation, and 10 years of coaching (girls’ basketball & fastpitch softball). I’ve used that experience plus multiple training and coaching certifications to equip me with the education to collaborate with you.  Throughout my career, I’ve not only consulted and coached, but I’ve also led change efforts to transform individuals and team/work group culture and performance.

With engagement across a wide range of generations, I’m grateful that every aspect of my work has shared one powerful connection: people. If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that investment in yourself and your people will always provide the greatest return of any investment.

In my workshop, participants can expect an honest, authentic and engaging presentation of proven techniques to resolving conflict. Participants will have opportunities to not only gain the knowledge and skills to resolve conflict, but be able to practice the skills and have fun while learning, with the love of your life.