Virtual Workshops

How our Virtual Workshop Works

With the newest technology available we are excited to now offer Worldwide availability for our life-changing workshops.  You will absolutely feel like you are in the room while you are in the comfort of your own home with our virtual set up.

1. Up close and personal meaningful interaction with the facilitator and other participants through Zoom.

2. You will be able to enjoy learning the skills and tools while you are able to share ideas, be a part of the discussion, play the games, win the prizes, and attend the breakout sessions.

3. A box of workshop materials will arrive with all of the items that will be used in the workshop.

4. A “Zoom Master” that will respond to any technical issues immediately so that you don’t miss out on anything.

5. Complete and detailed instructions on how the meeting is set up and what you need to ensure your virtual experience has maximum benefits.

6. All workshops will have a total maximum of 25 couples in attendance.

All Participants receive:

  1. A pair of TTU “Comfy Slipper Socks”
  2. Workshop folder filled with resources and information
  3. Activity tools and supplies
  4. Other goodies and surprises
  5. An opportunity to connect with others through experiential learning activities
  6. Discount registration for future workshops

One Session Workshops – $597.00

The Power of You – Enhancing Self-esteem
True Color Love – Personality Connection Assessment
Let’s Talk About the “F” Word – Conflict Resolution

Two Session Workshops – $747.00

Blended Better – Blended Families
Start Right – Stay Connected/Pre-marital
Lifetime Love Affair – Sex and Intimacy.