Stronger You = Stronger Us

Stronger You = Stronger Us

Emotional Intelligence workshop

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Workshop Description

Emotional intelligence is an individual ability, however, this workshop for couples is a team effort. The outcome is an amplified the level of emotional intelligence and a deeper connection in awareness and intimacy. This workshop will identify and assess the 5 key elements of emotional intelligence for each individual participant and demonstrate how to apply them to their relationship for success. Couples will gain understanding around controlling or redirecting disruptive impulses and moods. Each will improve their ability to understand the emotional makeup of themselves and their partner and gain proficiency in managing their relationship. Couples will acquire practical ways to identify cues, and to support and encourage their partner; techniques that can be applied immediately. Couples will leave with a deeper intimate connection to each other.

1) Making sure everyone leaves with practical strategies.

2) Listening to everyone’s comments and keeping them confidential.

3) Interacting with each couple as if they were the only ones in the room.

It’s time to invest in yourself; it’s time to invest in your couple relationship. You hold the power and I’m here to help you harness to enhance your intimate relationship.

  • Do you have challenges in controlling or redirecting disruptive behavior?
  • Do you have challenges in managing relationships and building networks?
  • Do you have challenges in understanding the emotional make-up of others?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then this is the workshop for you and your intimate partner.