Workshop Pricing

All workshops will have a total maximum of 12 and a minimum of 10 couples in attendance. No more than 8 couples will be virtual to allow everyone to see everyone in a single screen shot. The local workshops are held in Raleigh, NC in a “home-like” setting where safety and comfort are our main concern

One Session Workshops – $347.00

The Power of You – Enhancing Self-esteem
Stronger You = Stronger Us – Emotional Intelligence
Let’s Talk About the “F” Word – Conflict Resolution

Two Session Workshops – $427.00

Blended Better – Blended Families
Start Right – Stay Connected/Pre-marital
Lifetime Love Affair – Sex and Intimacy

Accountability Connection Groups

Within 30 days of the workshop, couples will be able to meet with the facilitator and other workshop attendees once a month via ZoomRooms. These meetings are to catch up and discuss how they are doing using the tools, keep them on track and accountable to enhancing their relationship, ask any questions they may have and receive other tips and tools to increase the intimacy in their relationship.


  • $37.00 per (45 minute) session per couple
  • $185.00/6 session (one session free) if purchased at the workshop
  • $49.00 for introductory session
  • $140 for 5 sessions if introductory session is purchased

Couples who sign up and pay for additional workshops will receive the following:

  • 1 additional workshop will be discounted 10%
  • The 2nd and each additional workshop will be discounted by 20%

Couples who refer a couple that attends a workshop will receive a 10% on their next workshop or product.

Virtual Workshops Offer:

1. Up close and personal meaningful interaction with the facilitator and other participants through Zoom.
2. You will be able to enjoy learning the skills and tools while you are able to share ideas, be a part of the discussion, play the games, win the prizes, and attend the breakout sessions.
3. A test session will be held so that you are comfortable with the platform before the workshop
4. A box of workshop materials will arrive with all of the items that will be used in the workshop.
5. A “Zoom Master” that will respond to any technical issues immediately so that you don’t miss out on anything.
6. Complete and detailed instructions on how the meeting is set up and what you need to ensure your virtual experience has maximum benefits.

You will absolutely feel like you are in the room while you are in the comfort of your own home.

Due to Covid-19, meals will not be served at the workshops but there will be individually wrapped snacks and drinks available for the participants.

All Participants receive:

  1. A pair of TTU “Comfy Slipper Socks”
  2. Workshop folder filled with information handouts and activities
  3. An opportunity to connect with others through experiential learning activities
  4. Snacks and refreshments
  5. Discount registration for future workshops

An opportunity to win a great door prize!