Hey!  I’m Vernita G. a wife, mother, MeeMee, entrepreneur, trainer, lover of family and an unshakable optimist dedicated to enriching relationships and shining a positive light on marriages.

A native New Yorker with nothing more than passion, city smarts and values, and colorful dreams, I’m happy to have touched many marriages and shared some inspiration over my lifetime.

Tri Team Unlimited is the culmination of many years of learning, work, and experiences that sit squarely on top of passion. Through these workshops and other tools, I create an experience for couples that will deepens their intimacy, enriches their relationships, connects them with other likeminded couples, and energizes them with the tools they take away. Couples walk away knowing that real happiness is within their reach and they are reaching in the right direction.

One of the things I’m often asked is

“How on earth did you get the idea

to offer these workshop topics in this way?”

I can remember as a young teenager having a fight with a girl that I considered my best friend. What hurt me more than the blows we threw at each other was the fact she really wasn’t my best friend. My father was also less concerned about the physical pain that I might have endured and took that opportunity to share one of his many life lessons that has stuck with me until this day. He said that I should consider myself very lucky to get through this life with five “friends”. A “friend” is a powerful term that is very overused, and I need to consider people “associates” for many years before they can be elevated to the “friend” status. How did this lesson become the foundation for the workshops? For me it placed an extremely high value on RELATIONSHIPS and more specifically on the marriage relationship because it is one that we choose and gets twisted together tighter than any other. Another inspiration for the workshop topics was my passion for a multitude of seemingly unconnected things: sewing, music, spirituality, creativity, presenting, organizing, psychology, philanthropy, and traveling, just to name a few. As I matured, I realized that the foundation of each of these seemingly unrelated passions was a relationship.

After several, ok, a whole lot of jobs that never lasted more than a year, I took a job at a very tiny non-profit agency. The total staff included me, the new three-quarter time employment counselor, and the director. The total agency budget was $75,000 per year. Obviously, I didn’t accept the position for the high salary even though I needed a job. There was, however, a special pull towards helping people because at that point, I felt like I had so much to share. Little did I know that this was going to be a shared learning experience for me and the people I was so fortunate to come in contact with. It was here during my 20.5-year tenure, where I realized that my diverse and unusual combination of interests and skills was a strength, not a liability. Over the years I was the program director for five different family strengthening focus programs and at the end of my tenure, the CFO of the organizations multi-million-dollar budget. This was the ultimate set up for the step up. I was honing all of my interests by creating, marketing, and executing programs and events, connecting with people who poured into me, and managing a growing staff of all sorts of personalities. In the end I was up close and personal with the business details and that was a whole new level of eye opening. The set up for the step up that allowed me to step out. I used both of my feet to step into my purpose and I walked out of a 20.5-year relationship that didn’t owe me a thing.

Now, why a business that offers small group workshops on hot button topics in a home setting where good food and experiential activities helps you to learn and laugh? If my time at the non-profit showed me anything, it made me know for sure for sure that at the end of the day, it’s a relationship that means the most to people. More importantly, you have to meet people where they are AND it helps to make them feel at home. I also learned that perception is a force that can unknowingly move people in a direction can shape their lives. Media quickly highlights the challenges in marriages and plasters marriages that are falling apart over every media outlet. This can easily give us the false impression that marriages are clearly disposable, and relationship challenges can mean a breakup is the answer. In general, the family is in trouble, and this extends to other intimate relationships: parents and their children, siblings, and in-laws. When the lines of communication are broken, we can find couples in these relationships that haven’t spoken in years.  It breaks my heart to see the brokenness in families and what it does to the next generation. That brokenness even exists in my own family. It’s how I turn my pain into purpose. When couples push through to continue to communicate and learn healthy ways to resolve conflict, we all win. Children are watching and learning. That couple is providing a healthier foundation for their children. Those children are our future that will eventually care for the elderly. Those children are the adults that will grow healthy families. Those healthy families build healthy communities where crime is lowered, employment and education opportunities are utilized. Strong communities make strong cities, that make strong states, and on and on. We want to change the thought  from let’s just break up” to “they look like us and if they can, then we can too”.


The best way to influence desire

is while people are feeling good, laughing and


Bring them home!


I was a “let’s just breakup” believer and way back in the day it was quite easy to walk away from my first marriage. Honestly, I would have probably brought that same belief into my second marriage except for that very tiny non-profit job that I started one year after we got married that exposed me to healthy relationship training. The set up for the step up. Someone once told me that you teach what you need to learn. So, while I thought I was being a rescuer to my community, I was really pouring into my own life and marriage. The bonus was my new husband was very willing to learn with me. When we first married, we agreed that divorce was not an option, but we didn’t speak to being happy during this journey. For me, that promise came later after we hit a major roadblock that could have destroyed us. It was at that point I had to add the “part B”. If I’m going to be married, I’m GOING to be happy. So I am, and that’s another story for another time.

Today there is Tri Team Unlimited where all couples who are in an any stage of an intimate relationship can participate in a small group workshop to acquire the tools that will enrich their relationship and definitely change their life. Tri Team is us and the two of you and the possibilities are Unlimited. The workshop topics include: Pre-Marital Discovery, Conflict Resolution, Blended Families, Self-esteem, Emotional Intelligence, Romance and Intimacy, and True Colors Personality Temperament. I’ve used every skill, every experience, and every connection to pull all of my passions together, find likeminded facilitators, and create the experience that will make positive changes in the lives of couples.


Which brings me to you.


We are here to serve. Tri Team Unlimited is built on a bedrock of love, a passion for what’s possible, and a commitment to be an unstoppable force to create healthy families. We are not limited by location as our workshops will be available in “home-like” settings near you.

Check out the schedule on the website at www.TriTeamUnlimited.com and find your seat. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m thrilled we have connected and look forward to the opportunity to team up and make a more powerful impact to enhance your intimate relationship.