4 Days to Fight Right

The Fight Right Challenge will help you understand what it means to “fight” with your spouse and take your relationship to a more intimate level.

Date: 12 – 15 Jan 2021

Time: 7 – 8 pm EST

Live in Facebook group

Get into heated discussions with your partner often? Maybe you both need to tackle this situation together. With the Fight Right Challenge, you’ll have access to several tools and practice with them to better communicate with your partner. Bring about a place of healing when you join this challenge.

The Fight Right Challenge gives you a more comprehensive approach to talking with your spouse to create a better solution.

In this challenge, you’ll discover various ways to effectively communicate with your loved one instead of raising your voice to get your point across. 


Identify different “fighting dance styles” and find which one is most healthy for you


Process and create steps in your “fighting dance” to change your outcome for the better


Create an individual action plan so that it can work for you and your spouse


Celebrate during couples date night – play games to reinforce what you learned


Why Join the Fight Right Challenge

The Fight Right Challenge is perfect for couples who feel like they’re not communicating properly and they want to look for a solution to have a more intimate relationship that heals them both through and through.

Grow in Love Again

If you’re looking for something better and more affordable than marriage counseling, the Fight Right Challenge is for you. You’ll learn how to solve problems more effectively as a team and grow in love with each other all over again.

ABOUT VERNITA:Vernita Griffith

Vernita is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, trainer, lover of family and an unshakable optimist dedicated to enriching relationships and shining a positive light on marriages. She founded Tri Team Unlimited LLC which creates workshops and other events that help couples deepen their intimacy, enrich their relationship, and connect them with other like-minded couples to build a better community of loving, healing partners.