I have spent the past twenty plus years facilitating workshops on a number of topics to a wide variety of audiences that include teens, adults, couples, fathers, private industry employees, non-profit staff, and others. Creating Tri Team Unlimited was a natural next step for me. Ensuring that my presentations were fun, engaging, educational, and inspirational was key. I believe that learning is enhanced by experiences and therefore, at Tri Team Unlimited, we use experiential learning activities to teach the tools that will enhance intimate relationships. Our format is unique and different from any other healthy relationship program. Now before you leave this page, I want to briefly break it down into three of the most significant segments. One: our specific audience, two: the method of information delivery, and three: the relevant topics that we cover.

There we go again with the number three – “Tri” … get it?


It’s all about our audience!

In the beginning my focus was solely married couples, but then I saw a need in getting healthy relationship tools to couples before they took their vows. I then decided to include dating, engaged, and “considering marriage” couples. What I noticed from the couples that I served, and even in my own family, was that many of the challenges that were present in romantic couples, were similar in other intimate relationships. Intimate relationships like parent/child and siblings. These other relationships were not exempt from struggles with conflict, low self-esteem, and lack of emotional intelligence. I was compelled to include all types of intimate relationships because at the end of the day, my focus was on strengthening the family. The skills learned from Tri Team Unlimited workshops would certainly enhance those relationships and hopefully be passed down to other family members including the children.


How do we make it all happen?

I used years of feedback to design the program. I heard from single adults, married couples, parents, low income, high earners, and others, about what they liked the best and least about the workshops I facilitated. I used that feedback, other trainings and research to develop what I know will enhance, empower, and improve couple relationships. In addition to the content, I give particular attention to the venue, food, activities, give-a- ways, audience size, and so much more. I carefully compiled that information to develop our standard operating procedure; a Tri Team Unlimited standard. The first order of business was to make everyone feel comfortable in a home-like setting, serve good food, and keep them moving and engaged with purpose. There will be no “sit still and listen” lecturing here! The workshops are also small group; no more than ten couples. This limited number of participants creates a supportive community of couples, that have the opportunity to connect with each other, in a short period of time. It also helps the facilitator to be able to regulate the conversation so that everyone is heard. Speaking of facilitators; I am very proud of the passionate, skilled, and dedicated team that is clearly excited about
each and every topic. At the heart of their passion, is the desire to enhance family relationships. We include other program norms that help make the information more digestible and relatable. We found that men in particular love a competition, so there are challenges throughout the workshop and a prize awarded at the end. One of the more valuable attributes would be the tangible take-aways that support the skills and tools. It is extremely important to me to provide learning opportunities that have a lasting affect and change the lives of the participants in a positive way.


What are we talking about?

Finally, I’d like to share a little about the topics that we offer. The initial focus was marriage and it was pretty easy to determine which topics would be most helpful. Of course, communication and sex were at the top of the list. These are actually two of my favorite topics and I recognize that both are the source of many conflicts within marriages. The Pre-marital workshop was important to include because it made perfect sense to reach couples with these tools BEFORE marriage. Our workshop differs from the typical pre-marital counseling that couples usually receive from a Pastor or other spiritual leader. The secret sauce is the engagement with other couples and self-discovery activities. The other workshop topics are all a close second. The Blended Families workshop is included because there are so many who struggle to make this special family situation work. Statistics say that “when both spouses have children from a previous marriage, the divorce rate is 70 percent. I could have easily been in that number. I wish I had this information when my husband and I were trying to blend our family. Most spouses are just hoping and praying that they do all of the right things because THEY love each other. It takes more than the love for each other to get the whole family to love each other. I also know from my work with families, that self-esteem and emotional intelligence can be an individual’s challenge that greatly impacts the couple relationship. Both partners attending a workshop on these two topics will definitely strengthen the relationship. When one learns how to support and understand the other, the level of intimacy increases. It’s definitely a workshop for intimate partners since we may all experience low self-esteem or need a boost to our emotional intelligence as some point in our lives.


Now I want to connect with you!

You see everything has a purpose and a reason that supports the enhancement of the intimate couple relationship. There are other workshop topics that we will be adding very soon, as we listen to our participants on their suggestions. It is always my pleasure to answer questions about what we do and how we do it. I’m excited about sharing information on our very skilled and passionate facilitators in another blog, but for right now, it was important that I share these three segments of Tri Team Unlimited. You can always reach me at info@TriTeamUnlimited.com where my virtual door is always open. Don’t forget to check out the website and see what’s going on and what’s coming up. I look forward to hearing from you!